You may not like what I have to say but I shall say it none the less: there are early stage intervention options for treating COVID-19 that the government, public health leaders, and corporate interests simply aren’t interested in pursuing.

In the beginning, there was hydroxychloroquine — the infamously maligned…

There is a popular but untruthful narrative running through the media which goes something like this: “COVID-19 numbers are getting worse because people aren’t wearing masks.”

This mask DOES NOT fit well.

While this may have some truth in certain states, especially those where there are no mask mandates (or mask mandates have been sheepishly introduced…

Since the Carter administration, Democrats have inched towards the center-right on economic issues and, to a lesser but still detrimental impact, social issues. Under President Clinton, the party codified itself as as a neoliberal centrist platform that covertly adopted right-wing economics while being the opposition party to the Republicans on…

Is this the man who will unite progressives and deliver on healthcare?

The time has come. Joe Biden will formally accept the nomination to become the presidential nominee for the Democratic Party.

It would be an understatement to say progressive Democrats aren’t disappointed in both the failure to get Sanders the nomination and the stagnation on the public health insurance front a…

Mike Houghton

Writer, focusing on disinformation, media tactics, progressive topics, and real freedom for all.

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